Company History

About us

Cipsacircuits, S.A. as is now known was founded in December 1982, but the real beginnings were others. In 1972, due to the low supply of electronic material that existed at that time, a company dedicated to the production of electrical components, decided to start manufacturing their own circuits, so one person was assigned to this task. The production process was completely manual and were manufactured about 30 m² per month, both single sided and double sided circuits (non-plated).

Then a first major investment was made in machinery, staff grew to 6 people and production was considerably increased.

In our history of over 30 years of work and success thanks to all our employees, CIPSA is constantly expanding and will continue. The following is a summary of the most important events in the past of the company:

1985 – There was a significant change in the direction of the company. Mr. Michavila took over management. It was then that the largest investment was made in the factory, both machinery and staff. Production was moved to another building with 400 m² and staff increased to 18 people in total. During this period it went from producing double sided non-plated to PTH circuits. Circuit quality greatly increased as the volume of production.

1992 – The entire production is moved to a new facility with1200 m² (in the area Els Bellots of Terrassa) since mid-1994, another strong investment was made in equipment and facilities. A new company was created, SERIGRAFIA CIPSA-DOS, S.L. This company is engaged in the manufacture of membrane switches, keyboards mixed with support CI, front panels of polyester or polycarbonate, synoptic methacrylate, etc …, and is experiencing growth very important in recent years.

1996 – The first multilayer circuit with four layers was made entirely in CIPSA facilities. It was decided then, from that moment, steer the production at more complex PCBs, progressively increasing the production of multilayers.

At that time were produced about 2000 m² monthly circuits double sided and multilayer circuits with SMD up to class V, 0.4 mm holes, solder mask photoimageable, plated selective, etc…

1997 – It joined the design, manufacturing and distribution of customized boxes without moulds together with the French company LTP Atelier Plastique S.L. The purpose of this addition is to offer a complete service for the customer that requires a front panel or a keyboard attached to your customized box in which is the PCB.

1999 – Activity starts in Cipsa Laser, S.L. stencils manufacturer for application of paste or glue for assembling SMD components. Manufacturing is done using laser machines with the last technology.

2000 – A new important stage begins: moving to a new facility in Rubí. Problems due to lack of space in the factory Els Bellots and the need to increase production have been instrumental in changing location.

The new place has a total area of 17000 m², of which 6800 m² are built. PCB factory occupies a building of 4500 m², and the rest for other group companies (Serigrafía Cipsa-Dos, Cipsa Laser, Cipsa Circuitos Monocara and LTP) and other facilities (locker room, …). This new building allows greatly increase the space available and can organize the production flow much better. It has also invested in new machinery, with the aim of automating the production process and adapt to the new demands of manufacture to class VI. This should help to manufacture more than 3600 m² of PCBs each month, besides offering higher quality and fulfil customer demands.

2003 – Production starts in another company in the CIPSA group, CIPSA CIRCUITOS MONOCARA, SL, manufacturer of PCB’s single sided for high-tech applications besides offering higher quality and fulfil customer demands.

2004 – Due to the increasing in production and market competitiveness, the possibility of opening a new branch in India is studied.

2006 – Finally the project is carried out and in 2006 began his career Cipsa Ric Company India pvt.

2007 – CIPSA assumes production plant in Malars (Gurb) dedicated to the manufacture of multilayer and CIPSA TECH, S.L. was born.

2008 – Unfortunately CIPSA TECH, S.L. facilities are closed and production moved to the manufacturing plant in Rubí.

Cipsa Group joins a company dedicated to the manufacture and supply of products for sealing, PRODYSOL, S.L.

2009 – Opening in Ningbo, China, Company CIPSA CIXI IMP. & EXP. CO. LTD as a logistics hub.

2010 – Extending Rubí factory, 1800 m2 in warehouse for the installation of a new plating line ATOTECH based on pulsed current.

2012 – Complete renovation of the offices of the main factory.

2014 – Improvement and expansion of facilities that manufacture aluminium circuit IMS with latest technology machinery.

The responsibility in the delivery, the adjusted prices, quality assurance and the best customer service has made CIPSA a company with a high level of competitiveness. For all this we are working in many different sectors demanding such as:

– Industrial Electronic Equipment, Weighing, PCB Design, Energy Control, Intelligent Building Control, Sound, Video Cameras, Instrumentation, Automotive, Industrial Switchgear, Electromedical, RF, Recreational, Metering, elevators, Cooling, Security, Appliances, Lighting, Electronic Manufacturing, service, etc.