In CIPSA Group’s main business is the production of printed circuit boards, manufactured according to the specifications and requirements of our customers. CIPSA produces the whole range of printed circuit, from prototype to mass production. The provision of a full range of products and services is essential to strengthen the position of CIPSA Group in the market. For this reason, the range of the group extends beyond the simple production of printed circuits boards, and includes other products and services that provide our customers comprehensive support, such as membrane keyboards, the stencils, boxes, gaskets, …

Our mission is to contribute to the success of our customers, and by doing so achieve our own success. The objectives of our clients, their confidence and pleasure derived from the continued expansion of our limits, are the engine for success. To achieve this, we apply our extensive experience, latest technology, continuous improvement in production methods and processes as well as knowledge of the needs of our market. No disclaim any interesting business opportunity presented to us. Our employees are the heart of our success. The values we defend and determine everything that we are Quality, Speed, Creativity and Openness. We are committed to continuous improvement, we contribute to protecting the environment and our products preserve resources for the future of our children.

In the future, CIPSA with his continuing concern in the improvement and technological upgrading, is ready to provide customers PCB’s integration technology in active and passive components into the printed circuit board (Embedded Components). This will help to miniaturization and improved electrical and thermal characteristics in the development of our clients.