In spite of incessant advance in the efficiency of electronic components, such as processors, power semiconductors, converters, amplifiers and LED power, whenever it has to dissipate more heat energy to meet the demands of system performance. Therefore CIPSA provides IMS circuits, which are circuit boards with metal substrate that works as ‘heat sink’. The metal substrate is usually copper or aluminium, because they are materials with high thermal conductivity, heat dissipation produced by electronic components, but due to lower cost, the most commonly used is IMS Aluminium. The thermal conductivity provided by the aluminium means that it can obtain a high density of components in the design, longer equipment operating time and greater security against possible failure of components such as LEDs and high power transistors.

Printed circuit boards with metal substrate (Isolated Metal Substrate) are usually simple sided aluminium material or double sided and plated-through hole (PTH). The most used application is in LED technology, with a considerable increase in global demand, but also employed in other sectors.

PCBs can be requested with aluminium substrate, in one side and on two sides, with ranges of thermal conductivity of 1 W/mK, 1.3 W/mK, 1.8 W/mK, 2.2 W/mK and 3.2 W/mK.

Technical Capabilities:

Aluminium metal thickness 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm

Base copper 18 μm, 35 μm, 70 μm, 105 μm

Finishing OSP, HAL Lead Free and immersion silver

Minimum width conductive 120 μm (if base copper is 18 μm)

Minimum spacing conductive 120 μm (if base copper is 18 μm)

Minimum annular ring 180 μm (if base copper is 18 μm)

Minimum plated drill 0.3 mm

Minimum non-plated drill 0.6 mm

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