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INSPECTA RX-L is the ‘all in one’ solution for high tech circuits.

This system has everything needed to meet the most critical tolerances.
Its special structure in one unit incorporates the functionality of X-rays for recording and drilling of inner layers together with a whole tool capable of drilling holes with maximum precision also has control over the Z axis allowing perform partial drills.
This means maximum versatility and flexibility, combined with a spacious work area, makes it ideal for multilayers process premium products.


The RTX-113 is designed for production environments circuit where X-rays are used to inspect the PCB.

Likewise also allows the inspection of PCB mounted and which contain advanced components such as BGA.

The camera has the latest technology being able to generate high-resolution images can reveal details as small as 0.001 inches with a field of view of an inch in diameter. The RTX-113 provides images in real time of X-rays and reliable operation and easy maintenance.