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We are pleased to announce the recent acquisition by CIPSACIRCUITS SA and CIPSA CIRCUITS MONOCARA S.L. Cipsa Group companies, two new machines Fusion Orbotech AOI inspection.

Cipsa Group, in its constant renovation of machinery to adapt the production to an exigent market, informs you of the recent acquisition of two machines for inspection of internal / external layers by the firm Orbotech AOI.

AoiExternas AoiInternas

Inner A.O.I                                                        External A.O.I.

Fusion, the latest innovation in AOI by Orbotech, is a big step forward in creating a revolution in PCB inspection.
Using “Multi-Image Technology”™, Fusion inspects a panel with multiple light sources while achieving an unprecedented detection accuracy.
Designed for circuits of high range as HDI and MLB, Fusion re-defines the efficiency of PCB’s production.

  • Detection accuracy with “Multi-Image Technology”™:
    Multiple inspections simultaneously for high accuracy in detection
  • Intuitive operation with Smart Setup:Optimal, short and intuitive process
  • Performance:
    High resolution with high performance
    On-line check

Cipsacircuits, with their new investments, is being the protagonist in all the specialized media in the sector.

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